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Who could be the next Google?

Published on: Wednesday, 1st July 2009 08:46 AM     By      Administrator

Source: Business Week

Chances are you already know a lot about hot tech startups like Twitter and Facebook. But what about Jajah, an inexpensive alternative to the traditional phone company? So far, 15 million people use its service. Or Scribd, an online literary exchange that's drawing more than 50 million readers per month. BusinessWeek and market researcher YouNoodle teamed up to identify 50 tech startups flying under the radar.

The List includes young companies like Cloudera, Project Better Place, and Scribd that are poised for growth.

Bisciglia's eight-month-old Cloudera teaches companies how to "compete at Google scale." Cloudera sells technical support for open-source software called Hadoop, which analyzes huge amounts of data much faster than traditional computers by distributing the work across hundreds of machines. For companies in fields that routinely require heavy number-crunching like biotech, online advertising, and finance, Cloudera's service could help find opportunities that might not be apparent using traditional computing methods.

There are plenty of young companies just like Cloudera. That's why BusinessWeek and market researcher YouNoodle have teamed up to identify 50 promising startup companies flying below the radar in 2009. You won't find Twitter or Facebook on this list. Instead, you'll discover new tech companies from the U.S., China, India, Israel, and Russia that are attracting some early buzz. Most of these fledgling companies started in 2005 and later, and all are poised to grow beyond their regional or niche-market origins.

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