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All Indian villages to have high-speed broadband in 3 years

Published on: Sunday, 25th April 2010 10:47 AM     By      Administrator

From a teledensity (number of phones in use for every 100 individuals) of just 1.4 per cent in 1995, India today has reached a teledensity of over 50 per cent, with big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, etc going up to 130-140 per cent, same as in Europe and North America.
These facts were shared by Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology Sachin Pilot at a media briefing in Toronto on March 31.
"But in rural India the teledensity is still 18 to 20 per cent," Pilot said. "Within the next three years, we will connect every village in India with high-speed broadband access."
The government has decided to connect "tribal areas, border areas, north-eastern parts of our country, Kashmir valley, the sparsely populated areas; we are going to put up 11,000 towers to improve communication facilities," he said.
"It is important that every Indian living even in far off areas has a right to be equal partner in the IT revolution," Pilot said. "This revolution must not be limited to Delhi, Mumbai, etc. It has to be available all over the country -- the infrastructure, resources, facilities at cheapest possible rates and best quality -- and that's where the government comes in."
Pilot also wants to revolutionize Indian post offices by incorporating services like train and bus tickets bookings, e-bill payments, passport renewals, etc, so that even the rural ones play a broader role and the institution becomes profitable.
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