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Awesome News - Free Listing of Local Indian Events and Sell Tickets with no booking fee and zero commission

Published on: Tuesday, 31st August 2010 02:36 AM     By      Administrator


Hello Everyone,

Your favorite NRI Socialising and Events Portal has just introduced exceptionally great Event Listing and Ticketing Platform. We are delighted to inform you that not only you could create/list your events for FREE on our portal, but now onwards you will also be able to sell tickets for your events using your own PAYPAL ID. And that's not just the end of it, unlike our competitors, we won't charge any registration fee and there is No Commission/Booking fee charged by us, on your ticket sales. Isn't that Great?

It's TOTALLY Free of cost to create a standard Ticketed Event! So why not create all your future events now and start selling tickets right away!

Our event management platform also has some cool features like you can add a youtube video of one of your previous events etc.  A video of a successful past event is the most convincing  promotion for your next event We are sure this Awesome New Ticketed Event feature will be liked by lots of small and big event organisers who hold regular social events and would like to confirm the paid attendees in advance.
Look at these awesome features:-

  1. You can create an event (single ticket type - basic package) totally free.
  2. You can add a youtube video of your previous events to your event listing.
  3. You can add a photo album of your previous events to attract more people
  4. You can create single-use or multiple-use discount codes as well.
  5. You can link a discounted ticket type to your own group on our website which will motivate people to join your group to buy that discounted ticket. And you will be able to mail them next time using group members contact features.
  6. You can print the ticket sales list with profile photos of members who bought them.
  7. You can print the RSVP list of members who showed interest along with their profile photos.
  8. It's TOTALLY Free of cost to create a Basic Ticketed Event! So Why Not create all your future events now and start selling tickets right away!

The bonuses on our event management platform don't end here. Every week, at least 4 interesting events on our website will automatically get mentioned in our weekly newsletter to thousands of members of our popular portal.

Isn't that awesome?  So whether its a picnic, sight seeing tour, Trekking trip,  Art & Culture event, Theatre meetup, a club night, wine & dinner socials or charity dinners, sell your tickets here and manage your ticket sales yourself. No Middle Person involved!

Please do spread the word. Someone else might be looking for exactly this kind of platform :)

Note: More cool features will be added almost every week!