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Future of E-Pub in india

Published on: Wednesday, 20th October 2010 07:43 AM     By      Administrator

From the Evaluation of Technology, it has been a close fight between the Technology and the printing content and the truth is that the fight still grows stronger and harder. With India being one of the leading IT hub, has explored and expirienced greater technological revolution in major IT domains and also leading the IT race way ahead from many nations across the globe.
E-Publishing is very broad and encompasses a variety of publishing patterns such as E-books, Print on demand, Email publishing and Web publishing services.
The Indian typesetting industry is in its nascent stage and is only a few decades old.In India, typesetting activity started slowly by providing data conversion services to some foreign publishers. And now, the industry is almost exposed to provide complete pre-press service to
various global publishers. India continuos to be a favoured outsourcing address, followed by the united states, Philippines, China and United Kingdom.
Even thou the industry is facing various challenges such as global recession, the appreciating rupee and emergence of new media, still the future is bright and grand for the E-Publishing sector. India's high-quality, cost-effective services and huge competent human resources have
become the spellbound address for global publishers. Fast turnaround times and capability to provide round-the-clock services facilitate india as the most favoured terminus for typesetting.
Inspite of confronting the challenges of rupee values, talent crunch and growth of newer media, Indian E-Publishing sector is estimated to spring up by 35 percent and provide a 1.46 billion dollar outsourcing chance by the end of 2010.
India is also well known world-wide as a major book-publishing country. Having more than around 17,000 publishing entities producing content in more than 29 regional langauges, India is a huge market for ePublishing. After the IT boom, even the conventional publishers in India have moved their bussiness orientation into the ePublishing sector with diverse products.Till date, some among the indian publishers have brought forth a large amount of ePublications catering to both Indian and foriegn readers.
These days, service providers have also joined hands with greener and cleaner world organisations that ahve been clicking the head news and are actively offering eBook production.Technology is a great entry point into the publishing outsourcing sphere.
While technology might continue to drive evolution in the publishing industry, at the end of the day, it's content that continues to be the soul of the publishing industry of either digital or print formats. Hence by switching to eBooks, we can mot only move into the modern era but also can save our trees and our next generation. - United States's No 1 Indian Community Portal
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