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Vividh Bharati Radio Live on the Internet from India

Published on: Monday, 20th December 2010 10:19 AM     By      Rohit Dave


Hello friends

You can listen to Live Vividh Bharati Radio on the internet  from Bangalore, India on my web sites -

I relay a satellite DTH feed of Vividh Bharati radio in stereo on the internet. You can listen to Vividh Bharati's DTH service on my web site Radio Ashra 24 hours a day.

Cell Phone users can listen on their cell phones using a GPRS connection.

IPhone users can listen to Vividh Bharati by downloading SloRadio app. and listening with

More details on how to listen on my web site.


Vividh Bharati has a history of over 50 years of broadcasting in India, having one of the best music archives.

Over 40 transmitters carry Vividh Bharati programmes to listeners on AM, FM and Shortwave. Vividh Bharati also has a Digital broadcast in DRM ( Digital Radio Mondial ) this broadcast is on shortwave . The digital audio quality of this broadcast on shortwave is as good as FM quality. You can also listen to Vividh Bharati on DTH 24 x 7.

Vividh Bharati's main studio is at Borivili in Mumbai. Apart from Mumbai,  many of the regional centers of Vividh Bharati  have there own programming. The programmes brought to you on Vividh Bharati are produced by dedicated, knowledgeable announcers, staff and technicians.

All India Radio has around 230 Broadcasting Centres all over the country. Their domestic service operates 149 Medium wave  transmitters, 54 Shortwave transmitters and 171 FM transmitters. All India Radio broadcasts in 24 languages and 146 dialects in it's domestic service.

Happy Listening.