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Pay What You Want - An Innovative Music Purchasing Experience

Published on: Monday, 18th April 2011 06:48 AM     By      Administrator

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A lot of people are curious as to why we want to give away the music free. Firstly, this greatly reduces the distance between the band and its listeners. A lot of people (specially younger people!) do not buy music any more but rip or download from the web, so we want to make their lives a little guilt-free!

In addition, this means no more negotiating contracts with record companies and fighting over copyright issues, no worries about bad distribution, albums not being available at different places and so on. Also, very frankly, no Indian artist survives on royalty. We make almost all our income playing live shows and composing music for films etc., so it is no great hardship for us to give up this amount. We also hope that this becomes a means for other artists in India to reach out to their listening public

Even in Bollywood, F.A.L.T.U movie’s music offered digital-only purchase of music.  And now, a Tamil/Telegu movie 180 has come up with an interesting model – pay what you want.
You can buy individual track for any money (as less as a 1 INR)!

For the first time in India, we are offering you the chance to pay what you want for songs from the album. Check out sample clips on this page, and if you like a song, simply type in the amount you want to pay for it at the time of checkout.

What’s your take? Does this model pushes the envelope when it comes to product quality (forces others to rethink on pricing)?

If you go to a restaurant which offers good food and asks you to put up a price, do you think you will end up paying more?

What’s your opinion?